Spring 2018 Division Meet

We held our Spring NMRA Palmetto Division Meeting on Saturday March 10th, at the Woodmen of the World (WOW) Lodge in Greer.

The meeting was well-attended (51 plus guests) and everyone had a great time. The contests are getting more popular every meeting, with lots of fantastic models and tips and techniques (see photos for winners). Jon Judd honored our friend Mike Jensen, and helped us all to remember what a fantastic man he was. We had two excellent clinics:

➢ David Booker - "Railroad Automation & Control"
➢ Doug Miller - "3D Printing"

During the business meeting, we discussed the (potential) need to raise the meeting fee from $5 to $10 to provide for more options for the meeting locations. Most people indicated they'd be OK with the change if needed. We also received several suggestions on locations, and advised the members to do some scouting, basic requirements are: up to 70 people, allow drinks and snacks, ability to reserve the location several months in advance.

After lunch, we were treated to a visit to the Hub city RR museum, and to Jim Stowe's great N Scale layout.