Adding a Yard to the Pennington Junction RR by Geoff Duncan


This clinic will present the design and construction of a classification yard for the existing HO scale Pennington Junction Railroad. Topics of this multi-level layout expansion will describe the use of a space saving compound ladder yard design with car detection for automated uncoupling and coupling, the use of a wye for turning locomotives and trains in the yard and the construction of a helix to move trains between levels.

[download presentation]

History of the Uintah Rwy by John LePere


On March 11, 2017, John LePere gave an enlightening presentation on the History of the Uintah Rwy, described as:

A small weird narrow gauge railroad in eastern Utah and Western Colorado called the Uintah RR.  It included 5 miles of 7.5 ℅ grade and some of the sharpest curves ever laid.  It also links Ute Indians, a manipulated Congress and remotely Henry Ford. It began with a mineral discovery shortly after the civil war and continued until just before WW II.

John's powerpoint is [available here.]

Using the Raspberry Pi for Model Railroad Wireless Control by Mike Jensen

On March 6, 2016, Mike Jensen gave the clinic "Using the Raspberry Pi for Model Railroad Wireless Control".

This clinic will describe the popular stand-alone linux-based Raspberry Pi microcomputer.  You will learn how to use this clever yet inexpensive device to send wireless commands from your Android or iPhone to your locos and layout.  This works for both NCE and Digitrax with various interface options. The clinic will cover purchase options, cost, configuration, installation and operation  No programming involved and no computer required.