Intro to Operations Mini-Clinic, Nov 23 2019

On November 23 2019, Jack Varadi hosted a mini-clinic on his fantastic Greenville & Ohio RR, with 4 members participating, plus a few more helping.

About the Mini-Clinic:
Our hobby of model railroading covers many different aspects. Operating a model railroad in a realistic manner is an area that many find enjoyable. This can be done individually or in a group. It brings the layout to life and gives it a purpose.
If you have never experienced model railroading operations, division member Jack Varadi is holding a beginners operating session on his HO Greenville and Ohio Railroad. You will be introduced into Jack's railroad and operating system and actually participate in a hands-on session. The layout is 13 by 23 feet and uses a Digitrax DCC system for control of the trains.
Please note that no prior experience is required!